Eyes, Ears, Fingers, Toes And A Beating Heart Too

The modern 3D ultrasound of a baby in her mother's womb. This technology is a blessing to new parents, giving them a sneak peak at the child they're bringing into the world.

Once upon a time, life inside the womb was more less invisible, more mysterious. It was easier back then for some to believe the claims of the abortion industry that what lived in the womb was not a child, but instead, a "blob of tissue."

But pictures don't lie, and when expectant parents get 3D ultrasounds, they see the image of their child, with eyes, ears, fingers and toes. And they can hear the beating of their unborn baby's heart.

No wonder then that polls show more and more Americans are coming around to the pro-life positions

The abortion industry relies on ignorance to carry on their profitable business. That's why they oppose informed consent laws that would educate those considering an abortion. And that is why they use deceptive claims to battle against even modest regulations.

The Pro-Life Committee, a project of the National Campaign, is working to reach every American with the pro-life message, to urge Congress to pass laws to protect as many unborn children as possible.

You can help. Share the pro-life messages with your friends, neighbors and loved ones. And let your elected officials know that every unborn child deserves to be welcomed into life and protected by law.

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"This is a debate about our understanding of human dignity, what it means to be a member of the human family, even though tiny, powerless and unwanted." - Henry Hyde

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Eyes, Ears, Fingers, Toes And A Beating Heart Too

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